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Whether you're a top dog in your sport or just starting out, our office offers something very different, something that has never been offered to athletes in the past.

As a result of our unique approach, we treat athletes from around the world in many sports.

What makes us different?

It is all in what Dr. Moyal has developed over the last 24+ years of working with Professional and Olympic athletes. He calls it "Chiropractic Functional Biomechanics" and his approach is gaining rapid popularity with top athletes, in many sports.

Dr. Moyal has worked with many different professional & Olympic sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, diving, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, rugby, tennis and any more...

From World Champions to Little Leaguers, his approach uniquely identifies potential problems, as well as, injuries that have already taken place and corrects them quickly returning each athlete to his or her sport at a higher level of being able to compete!

He has been a Team Physician for local high schools, and several club teams. Dr. Moyal has also been involved in several Olympic Trials. He is presently involved with many Olympic Swimmers around the Country and is often asked to work with University of Michigan's Coach Mike Bottom and his team. He was also involved with Gary Hall Jr's Race Club for over a year prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and continues to be involved with the Race Club.

He is presently developing a specific set of protocols that isolates swimming injuries in Right side vs Left side breathers. This system would and could be the equalizer to the now no longer used LZR suits.

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