The Making of a Master Chiropractor

In this article, Dr. Moyal explores the steps necessary to really master the art and science of chiropractic in order to stand out of the crowd and be able to deliver a service that not only gets results, but opens doors for you to be sought after because of your specialized knowledge!

Dr. Moyal states, "I really believe that for this next century, we chiropractors will have to offer more than just excellent office and staff management to our patients. We will have to prove that we are as good as we've been saying that we are!

How? By becoming true masters of the spine, the body, its nervous system and why it reacts the way it does to cause and introduce subluxations to the body itself. I believe that subluxations and the subluxation complex holds the true key to our success as chiropractors and that we will have to own that component and its corresponding philosophy in order to thrive.

The Making Of A Master Chiropractor.pdf

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