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The following articles are a culmination of my studies, work and discoveries over the last 24+ years of treating patients from over 78 Countries, as well as my work with professional & Olympic athletes.

My original intent was to answer many of the questions that I personally had, as to why injuries occurred the way they did and when a person injured their ankle or shoulder or any other area, why any of these had such a dramatic affect on so many other parts of their body.

The results of this research led me to develop a specific set of steps, which later turned into a set of protocols that could be followed specifically, then recognizing that "injuries leave clues!", we could then turn the tables and actually use this knowledge to actually prevent potential injuries in any athletes, in any sport!

I can tell you that by the time you read these articles and start applying the information they contain, that you will see injuries and their treatment in a totally different way.

The information they contain will forge a whole new approach for you as an athlete or therapist as your mind will finally know why your body or your athletes bodies act and react the way they do when an undue stress is placed on it.

You will also start to see that there are predictable patterns that can be followed and identified to not only correct injuries that have already taken place, but to actually prevent them from happening to begin with!

You will finally have the answers to the same questions I had when I first entered the sports treatment arena, that will open your eyes and give you new levels of looking at and treating any injury that you will encounter.

We will break these mechanisms down into predictable steps that you can master and your athletes will look forward to having you work with them.

If at any time you need more help or need to ask a question - you can reach me directly at (305) 531-2933 or by Email at [email protected]

Dr. William R. Moyal, DC, CCSP