FAQ's part 2

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding chiropractic. If there is something else on your mind that you donít see here - just contact us directly and we will be glad to answer your question!

What is a Subluxation and how does it affect me or my child?

A Subluxation - is when a vertebra misaligns with the one above or the one below and puts pressure on the corresponding nerve. Much like taking a hose and kinking it. The result is a decrease in function and performance of that nerve to the area it feeds and receives information from (causing interference to that area).

The way that Subluxations would affect you or your child is by reducing the quality and quantity of electrical impulse from your brain to the cells that the nerve normally works with and as a result decreases its functional potential. For a still growing child, it could affect his/her development.

Overall, nerve pressure shunts normal function and as a result creates an environment of decreased function, lack of proper circulation, accumulation of waste and toxins, and an overall breakdown of tissues and function in that area, which can spread to affect other areas as well. It is not a good or healthy situation to have, especially considering that most if not all, subluxation are painless in the early to middle stages of development and it is not until they have caused considerable damages that pain begins to be felt.

Think of your brain, nervous system, nerves and vertebrae as FPL (power supplier). The main line from FPL to the house is your nervous system running through your spine. The wiring throughout the house as the nerves running from your spine throughout every part and cells of your body. The fuses (each one going to a specific area of your house to provide it the necessary power to create function) are the vertebrae.

Now, what happens when there is an overload to the fuse?

Correct the fuse(s) are design to shut off and that is what a subluxation is. An overload to the system and the reason we donít always feel it - is the same reason we donít always know that a fuse is blown because we may use that outlet or switch on a daily basis and then when we really need it - it doesnít work or in the case of your body - all of a sudden the pain seems to come out of no where!

For example: if you had a Subluxation in the mid-back between your shoulder blades (which is a pretty common problem), the area that those nerves control is stomach and digestive function.

As a result, you may begin to have indigestion and heartburn. Now if we listen to the commercials - you are probably going to take an anti-acid or pepto bismol, or a whatever to stop the discomfort. the long term use of these is more damage and potential the development of stomach ulcers.

But letís take a closer look: it could just be that certain foods donít agree with your constitution and need to be stayed away from.

Or it could be, as is often the cause that there is a subluxation in your mid-back causing a decrease function of the nerves that normally control your stomach. This then causes improper and incomplete digestion forcing the small intestine to do the job of the stomach (which it wasnít designed to do at all), further causing the large intestine to do the job of the small intestines (again, doing a job it wasnít designed to do and now your digestion is a step behind) which then causes a total upset of your system and a back up of waste and undigested foods.

Can you guess what happens next?

Well, many things as a results, but the three most common will be - your body will accumulate and store this extra food and yes, somehow even though you might not be eating much - youíll start putting on some extra weight.

You may also feel extra bloated and very gassy. The accumulating waste may start to rot causing damage to your bodyís cells turning it more toxic and could cause you to become sick.

At what age should chiropractic care begin?

Honestly, any age is a great time to start to take better care of yourself! Not just with chiropractic care but also adding even mild exercise, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Stretching, walking, swimming. You see chiropractic is about maintaining the integrity of your nervous system so your body can work at its optimum.

All the other things I just mentioned help your joints, muscles and ligaments (and more) stay better toned, so that your nervous system can keep then working more efficiently.

Everything compliments everything else, this is why chiropractic is such a great overall addition to anyoneís lifestyle at anytime... not just because you are in pain or suffering from headaches or neck or back pain...

Actually if you followed the logic I just laid out - you probably wouldnít have those problems showing up and ruining your days and time with loved ones or having to miss your favorite activities!

Is there an age limit to when a person can start chiropractic care?

The best answer for that is to ask you this question: Is there an age limit as to when people can get hurt or receive a trauma? and the answer would be NO, there isnít an age limit. Babies being born receive a tremendous amount of trauma with todayís delivery process, add car accidents, falls, sports, electronic games played for hours, sitting at the computer for more hours, cell phones and texting all day...

My youngest patient to date was 15 minutes old and had just going through a very traumatic birthing process and my oldest patient to date was 98 (and boy was she with it!)

There is an old saying in chiropractic... Chiropractic is good for everyone from birth till.... when it is sought after for the right reasons - not just pain relief.

Do I have to be an athlete to come to your office?

Absolutely not! We take care of our local neighbors, snowbirds, and have patients from 78 Countries that come to us for care. Because they have tried many different approaches to resolving their problem but without results and by the time we start working with them, they can not only see but also feel the difference with our unique approach to their problem(s).

The best thing you can do is to check out what we have to offer and you might just be surprised at how much better your body will work and feel!

Can I tell if I have a Subluxation without consulting a chiropractor?

Not always. You see Subluxations are like dental cavities - they can exist without pain and you never know it has developed or how long it has been there. This is why we use specific techniques and equipment (like the Titron C3000) to assess you for the presence of Subluxations.

Is Chiropractic similar to massage?

No, not at all. Chiropractic specifically deals with the spinal column, nervous system, meninges and body structure, biomechanics, alignment, joint function, and overall performance of your system and when you receive a chiropractic adjustment in our office - it is like having your computer updated and then rebooted.

Whereas Massage Therapists deal with muscle tension, circulation and body fluid draining (lymphatics).

The combination makes it a win-win for our patients and that is why we have Massage Therapists on our team and offer Massage Therapy for as low as $49/hour for our patients.

Does your office accept Insurance?

The answer is if they pay us, then we accept your insurance.

After you have met your deductible (the portion you need to meet before your insurance policy starts to pay even one penny to the service provider you are working with).

We will contact your insurance after you provide us with the insurance information and check what benefits are available.

However, remember your policy is between you and them - not us and them.

There are situation where an insurance policy tells doctors that they will pay for services and then find all kinds of reasons to not pay for services and many patients think that they are not responsible for their bills. Unfortunately, that is not true. Any bill for services rendered in any office is still your responsibility to take care of.

We do pre-check benefits and will tell you upfront what the costs will be and work out an affordable way for you to get the care you need with no surprises at the end!

Do you offer Cash Plan?

Yes. We do offer cash plans and recently have created more affordable plans during these economics time to be able to help our neighbors get the care they need at a price they can definitely afford!

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