baby 20massage 20pictureHow Your Body Heals

The Basic Philosophy of Chiropractic Since 1895, is Simple and Logical: Simply stated, The Body is a Self-Healing organism, it doesn’t need help just no interference!

However simple that statement may be - it confuses many people.

To clarify this is actually a simple tasks that has taken many years to achieve and be able to explain.

Simply, our bodies are machines with workable parts, and as with any machine the parts can break down because of the way we use them, abuse them or simply don’t take care of them the way we should.

Your spine and nervous system are the basic structures of support and control that allow muscles to be attached to fixed points, and receive messages so that we can move, run, walk, talk, etc... that principle also applies to your organs and other tissues.

If that basic mechanisms breaks down or is interfered with - then we break down...period!

Furthermore, the Nervous System controls and coordinates every cell in the body and again, if the nervous system loses its ability to control, coordinate and communicate with each one of those cells, we can break down, whether at the cellular level, the organ level, the muscles level and/or joint level, etc...

This is why chiropractors look to the spine as the cause of many health problems. Not because it directly causes them but because it houses the systems that controls our health and well-being - your nervous system!

So, when that system breaks down, you break down!

Experience You Can Count On!

Dr. Moyal’s specialty is in Functional Biomechanics and has studied under and with more than 30 of the best Doctors and Experts in the World. He now uses that knowledge and experience to help people from all walks of life with their health concerns.

Many of his patients seek him out because they suffer with these and many problems:

Headaches Neck Pain Low Back Pain Shoulder Pain
Elbow/Wrist Pain Knee Pain Ankle/Foot Pain TMJ Problems
Auto Accidents Whiplash Disc Problems Herniations
Failed Back Surgery Sports Injuries Workout Injuries Sciatica
Tingling Numbness Carpal Tunnel Stomach Disorders
Scoliosis Nervousness Stress Insomnia

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