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Much like the many causes of neck pain, low back pain has many additional situations that can create your painful situation.

Besides the disks, vertebrae, ligaments and other soft tissues, there are a tons of muscles that create stability, function and movement, more recently referred to as “your Core”. When these muscle are unable to perform their specific duties, your lower back fails to support your spine and your body goes into a “Protective Mechanism Mode”.

This is a natural defense mechanism, yet it wreaks havoc and massive pain upon your lower back, and the rest of your body!

The low back (simple quick explanation) is made up of your pelvis, sacrum and lumbar vertebra, that functions with the help of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues.

The key here is the sacrum, an upside down triangle. it is designed to have the rest of your spine rest on top of it, and has tons of muscles attaching to the surrounding area(s), so that you can move, walk, sit, stand, run, etc...

However, when even one muscle or vertebra doesn’t perform its duty, your body has to compensate for that lack and this is where your problems begin.

If a muscle contracts, the vertebra or associated bone, which it is attached to, gets pulled out of its normal position, which then creates undue stress on the corresponding nerve root, causing a pinching affect on that nerve. (pinched nerve)

This can lead to your pain syndrome caused by spinal misalignments, Piriformis Syndrome, Psoas Contracture, Disk Problems from either a Herniation, Prolapse or Protrusion and so many other situations.

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