Sports Injuries Leave Clues!

sports 20injury 20pictureBodybuilders, Yoga Practitioners, Trainers, Massage Therapists, professional, amateur, High School, College and Olympic athletes all seek out Dr. Moyal as their chiropractor of choice to either help them with their sports injuries or to prevent them in the first place.

Dr. Moyal is a firm believer that injuries leave clues and athletes that perform the same types of actions in their sports usually have similar types of injuries.

Those injuries will involve certain muscles and joints and if one only takes the time to evaluate them through Functional Biomechanics and Movement Palpation prior to any injury, then any potential weakness that may be present without yet causing pain or a dysfunctional pattern can be eradicated before it causes you harm or an injury.

It goes much further than just looking at Range of Motion or if pain is present or if the athlete can perform movements without pain, or if swelling is still present or not. After all, any athlete needs to be a able to function and use his or her body to the fullest and be able to count on it to achieve more than just a pain-free performance.

That’s what our office is all about and Dr. Moyal has developed certain techniques to help find and isolate these potential weakness before they manifest into pain or decreased function, after all it is easy to treat an injury after it has taken place... but it's a whole new playing field to isolate and prevent them from happening in the first place, and many people can!

As a result of his unique approach, Dr. Moyal has been sought after by thousands of athletes of all levels, from amateur to professionals, to Olympians for the last 24+ years. He is usually requested to be involved at high level competitions by either individual athletes or teams at events such as Olympic Trials or Big 10 Swimming Championships.

His approach, which he calls Pre-Prevention Chiropractic has many fans from many sports and teams, including Pro Tennis, NBA, NFL, Olympic Divers, Olympic Swimmers, Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestlers, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Gymnastics, MMA, Boxing, Snow Boarding, Skiing, Sailing, Rugby, Rowing, Golf, Billiards, and other sports on an amateur or elite level.

Experience with Injury Treatment and Injury Pre-Prevention at all levels of competition is something that Dr. Moyal is very familiar with and his expertise can help you, your teams and your athletes gain an extra edge while allowing them to truly reach their fullest potential as athletes at any level of competition!

Our office is equipped to handle just about any Biomechanical Dysfunctional Patterns and correct them to restore your functional balance and improve your performance while decreasing your potential for injuries.

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