family 20pictureChiropractic Care Isn’t Just For Neck Pain, Back Pain, or Headaches...? It’s HEALTH For The Whole Family!

When one understands that my main and only goal as a chiropractor is to restore function and communication between your nervous system and every cell in your body so that they can talk back and forth and keep your machine called the human body in total order.

The term we give this is “HEALTH”, to a vital and functional body that is expressing its potential without interference. What a great concept that is!!!

As you know some people wait till things breakdown to fix them... Others spend some time keeping things from breaking down...

Yet others, do whatever it takes to keep things working - so the likelihood of them breaking down is near zero...

What I 've found over the years is that the difference between those three scenarios is often based not around the logic of it, but the financial aspect of these decisions and living patterns... Because many people think - “Why should I spend money - if it ain’t totally broke...”

The reality of it is that an "Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and it really is less expensive to be preventative than reactive to health problems, because the longer you wait, the more advanced the problems become, the more work it will take to correct it (if it can still be corrected without a much more aggressive and more expensive approach), and the more time it will take - which costs even more money in the long run!

Let me ask you this - let’s say you finally find the right place to live and then furnish it to your taste and you absolutely love the way it looks, will you need to keep it up or will it keep itself up?

Will you still need to vacuum, do the dishes, clean the counters, etc... or will you wait till there is a nest of bugs and a pile up of dishes and clothes before you finally take action?

By the way, which one is really easier to deal with, less time consuming and less stressful to deal with?

Your Health Is No Different!

Every day we have to deal with stress, the economy, family, work, hobbies, time or lack of time to enjoy our lives, not enough freedom to have some quiet time to ourselves. All these and more, like accidents, falls, traumas, working out, poor thoughts, poor nutrition also play havoc on our systems and your body must decide every minute of every day whether all this is friendly or more of an enemy to its normal function...

If the stress is friendly than it is accepted and you go on with your day happy as can be.

If the stress is more that of an enemy in nature than it fights it tooth and nail and you eventually suffer the consequences, the stress, the pains and discomforts, etc...

This usually manifests itself in many symptoms ranging from Headaches, Stomach Dysfunction, Constipation or Diarrhea, Numbness, Tingling, Neck Pain, Shoulder or Back pain, Loss of Sleep, Nervousness, Allergies, Sinus Problems, Poor Concentration, Irritability, Loss of Appetite, Weight Gain or Loss, Depression, Loss of Energy, Decreased Sex Drive, even Feelings of Helplessness and much more than I can list here...

What do all of these have to do with your spine?

Directly, nothing but since your nervous system is in control of all these functions and passes through your vertebrae, then any spinal misalignment creates interference and reduces and limits the function of your nervous system and how much it can communicate with your cells, creating your body to break down.

If your nervous system (your fuse box) and spinal nerves are working together and communicating with every cell in your body without interference from misaligned vertebrae in your spine than the likelihood of these symptoms manifesting is greatly reduced.

Just like - if the fuses in your home are all ON - than you have full power to every room and outlet there - ready for you to use at anytime!

And so it is with your body... if your spine has no misalignments than you nervous system is working without interference and you are ON and ready to go!

That is the real goal and purpose of CHIROPRACTIC - to make sure you have communication between your brain and every single cell in your body, so you can express your fullest potential and it all starts with a thorough chiropractic spinal examination - what are you waiting for?

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