Baby 20Nicholas 202Why is Chiropractic Care So Essential for Infants, Babies & Children?

For the same reason that good quality foods will help them not only grow healthier bodies, but stronger bodies. For the same reason that dental check ups are a necessity to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime which can also reduce the potential of heart disease and other health problems.

You see when one simply thinks of the spine and nervous system as the fuse box and wiring of the body that communicates with every cell in your own body than it is easy to understand that all fuses must be on and working at full blast to enjoy the most of your body’s ability to not just function and develop, but to enjoy every moment life has to offer so you CAN live it to the fullest.

As mentioned on another page, our bodies are like machines with working, living, breathing parts that require movement, oxygenation, waste removal, exercise and so much more...

As long as all this is taking place without interference than our potential of expressing who and what we are meant to be - can fully become achieved.

However, when interference exist this potential is reduced much like turning a dimmer switch down and reducing the amount of light or energy available and doing the best you can with what is available.

“Anything that has parts can break down because of wear and tear,” not to mention the learning curve of crawling and walking in children that includes a lot of falls and minute traumas which can later manifest as problems like scoliosis and poor posture, inability to sit still because of discomfort (often misdiagnosed as ADD).

baby 20massage 20pictureThe trauma of the delivery process can also and often does contribute to spinal misalignment problems but these may not be seen or expressed until much later in your child’s life because of their lack of being able to express how they feel until they can talk and even by then they may be used to the pain and/or discomfort that they not be aware that it is NOT normal.

A spinal checkup could be one of the most important checkups of your child’s life!

Why? Because the jumping, bouncing, falling, running and bumping of a normal childhood often causes the body to be jarred and the results are spinal misalignments which may or often may not cause pain, yet result in serious health consequences if left uncorrected.

In our office, we find more parents bringing their children in for spinal checkups and have noticed that their children are sick less often and have reduced, if not been taking off their medications.

Since, we also do a lot of sports examinations, we, too often, find that children of different ages have scoliosis, structural problems and poor posture that are related to spinal misalignments and if corrected early can deter if not stop their progression into a more painful situation and also slow down if not halt spinal decay.

This would be like the dimmer switch continually being turned down creating less and less power to reach its destination and potentially causing more bodily breakdowns in your child body.

The answer is so simple and can be found with a gentle spinal checkup and thermography exam to determine, if any, nerve pressure exists and best of all - both are totally pain-free!